Our mission

Nothing To Prove is on a mission to make the world a more compassionate place to be…

From scrolling social media one day I felt compelled to try and make a change. With so much pressure on young women to look and act a certain way, obsess with looks, body and gym time, he felt it was time to try and build something with a different message… I glanced over at my four year old little girl and felt I owe it to her to try and make that difference…

Nothing To Prove embraces balance in life over victory. Instead of beating the competition, we embrace the diversity of all those that take part. We are not a fitness brand… we are a life brand and we encourage women all over the world to ignore the noise and embrace their lives in however they choose.

Nothing To Prove is freedom to ignore the pressure in modern society and embrace every day and empower women across the world to act freely, with confidence and in the moment. 

But we will not stop until competition is replaced by balance and our society celebrates our individuality and choice to do what we want to without pressure to look, act and be a way they feel they should.

We hope you join the movement!

Best wishes,

Dan xx